Our services cover:

Risk…Insurance…Protection…Financial security

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Our services are classified in 3 categories:

  • Personal financial planning
  • Business related financial services
  • Short term insurance

Personal financial planning

Investa helps to create and protect wealth. However, creating and protecting wealth doesn’t happen by chance. To get good financial results in the short term and for future generations, you need good financial advice.

Investa can help you with:

  • Personal financial risk planning and protection- Income protection(sickness and accident),life cover,spouse protection,critical illness cover,total and permanent disability
  • Estate planning, wills and trusts
  • Personal investment planning for short-, medium- and long-term goals, especially inflation targeted investment strategies for retirement.
  • Portfolio management

Investa’s personalised approach ensures an in-depth understanding of your needs. Accordingly, a flexible yet focused approach is provided to help you to achieve your financial goals, protect your financial assets and improve financial security.

Investa advises on wealth, whether you are accumulating wealth, protecting wealth or planning your retirement.

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Insurance advice

Business related financial services

  • Group employment benefits for retirement, as well as risk benefits for death, disability and illness
  • Business assurance such as cover for buy-and-sell agreements, and key person assurance
  • Succession planning for family run farming businesses
  • Investment planning and cash flow projections for short-, medium- and long-term goals.

Most farming businesses are family run. Read more about how we can assist with succession planning…to assist family run businesses to remain a success in future

Succession planning

Plan for the future of your business

Financial Security

Short term insurance

  • For the  protection of  assets and to cover other risks
  • AgriRisk is our business unit focusing on the short term insurance needs of the agricultural sector :
  • Fire-, marine-, crop insurance, etc
  • Short term insurance for other industries

Financial security
Financial advisers

Financial Planning process


Financial advisers

Advice to clients is provided by independent associates. They are authorised financial service providers with whom we have referral agreements. We appoint associates who share our values and service standards and are geared for the needs of our target market.

Product suppliers

The advice and client solutions are sourced by our associates from South Africa’s most prominent insurers, investment managers and investment administrators

Fees /commission

Our associates will disclose commission and fees payable by clients for advice. There will not be any fees payable by clients to us, except where otherwise agreed in writing. The nominated associate will remunerate us for our services

Components of financial planning

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